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Total User Experience

I don’t know what Product Managers say about timeline by sticking to their products but I put all the products (including software, hardware and service) into the rhythm of life. They born, develop and die just like political, social, economic theories.

You can imagine a horizon line during continuation of writing and you can follow what I’m going to say by locating it on that horizon line in a certain amount of time.

Especially after Steve Jobs era showed us that despite not acknowledging it as consumers. Usually, the need of products are not expressed by the consumers but expressed by producer by using a good “Perception Management”. That’s why, once again “Perception Management” sits on top of the throne of the theory that I named “Total User Experience”. Continue reading

Mobile Application Development Manifest v1

Mobile Application Development Manifest v1

0) IDEA is always above everything else.

1) UI usually surpasses UX. (Criterions and contrary situations will be explained in down below.)

2) UX is above Development (coding).  (Criterions and contrary situations will be explained in down below.)

3) No matter how good your IDEA is, upcoming life-cycle of application depends on killer feature. (Reasons will be explained in down below.)

4) Never keep your web services at client and always work with an elegant DevOps.

5) In a never-ending developing world due to the nature of mobility concept, those who are interested in mobility should devote some of their work time to research and development.

6) Work with people who not only knows the language of the application he is going to write, but also knows the details of the operating system of the written application. It may be hard to find a developer in today’s circumstances but if you want to do best, you will need this.

7) Don’t waste your IDEA with questions involving business model of your work. Continue reading