About Oytun

I’m interested in everything related to startups, growth, UX, community, marketing and product development.

Working as an advisor to startups and trying to show how it could be and never fear to execute. Some startups that I’ve been heavily involved raised a few millions and makes me happy.

I used to be Google Developer Expert on UX and running Google Design Sprints in MENA as Sprint Master.

I used to work for the biggest technology news portal and is the General Manager at ShiftDelete.Net

Proudly a member of Linux Foundation and was a contributor in Intel Software projects.

I used to help on Automotive Grade Linux and also working on SLP and presents his studies on various conferences.

I was the Business & Communications Director at Userspots and coordinator of UX Alive! 2015.

Took part in various Smartface Inc., Nokia and Turkcell projects as a Community Manager.

oytun aka oytuneren: www.slideshare.net/oytuneren


Linkedin: https://de.linkedin.com/in/oytuneren

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