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Samsung, Tizen and the Future of Android

How Do You Know Samsung?

Samsung’s journey goes from the point of  “eh, not bad. They’ve good phones for 100-200$ range, in fact Samsung is a big business they have cranes and all…”  to world’s biggest IT industry leader.

They did something better so they have come to this far, but will it be enough to keep them on peak? or will they fall like former big businesses?

We will see…

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ARM vs Linux

Ben Dooks to Linus Torvalds email about Arm vs Linux:

> - x86 has its drivers elsewhere, and they are _discoverable_ and not 
>   hardcoded to some platform. They have often also been useful (to say 
>   the least) to other architecture platforms. That's not always truefor
>   all of them (we do have drivers/platform/x86, but at least that's 
>   maintained separately and is nowhere near the mess that is ARM)

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