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Notes on the Enterprise Entrepreneurship

As always I’ll keep it short and I’ll even give the ending up right now, based on my experience (2 years of involvement in 2 enterprises and their concerned branches), enterprise entrepreneurship isn’t an easy task, both for employees and employers. Being hard doesn’t make the task impossible. TL;DR of Enterprise Entrepreneurship is: Your expectation from this process should be values created during and dissolving the system and tules in order to create new and better one rahter than already innovative startup that simply add to your enterprise.

 enterprise entrepreneurship (represent)

enterprise entrepreneurship (represent)

Enterprise entrepreneurship is the dream of every corporation that knows Uber and Google Ventures.

There are two expected outcome in the mind of the management while starting a enterprise Entrepreneurship;

  1. We should conceive the “Innovation 2.0” by simply demanding from our fresh “Ivy Leauge College” graduated and handsomely paid friends that will became the “next best thing”.
  2. If they really manage to create something that changes the sector, management could say to the board,”yeah!, we failed to realize our various expectations this year but we got this at least.”

Lets start the reflexions of insight with the employee side;

1- I got a great idea, enterprise can’t come up with, what ? There is an oppurtunity now? Can I get this approved? What about the bonus? I hope we can manage this…

2- I think we got it now? Can we commercialize this, if we get a possitive result and pursuide the postponed process in this envinronment.

We need to round up people of option 2 to succeed. But often, I obverve that you forget about why people works in the enterprise.

Why people works in enterprise?

It used to be, go to an ivy leauge collage and you got the benefits, transportation, meals, private insurance, go to home at 6 which is quite nice when you got kids around and even all of this got change a little its still is the case today in some extend.

Alright friends, than what would you distrupt when both the management and employee starts the process with these in mind? Can you pull a startup out of a product or service that you can’t distrupt, especially from enterprise process written “distrupt me” all over? Where is the point of enterprise entrepreneurship here?

This is the harsh way of stating the situation, sorry.

Of course we also got the army of so called “qualified” employees. HR recommend to management with cries of how its impossible to come up with candidates enterprise demands anymore, its trully a common issue issue observed in the enterprise lately. Because candidates that are actually qualified either goes abroad or takes the risk for their own enterprises you end up with the ones who can’t take the risk or the ones left over of that group. It is a disscussion for an other time how the people can’t shoulder the risk for themselves will shoulder the future billion-worth corporations or start enterprise entrepreneurship here.

Enterprise Entrepreneurship, but how?



while the situation at HR is obvious, if the candidates are okey to passed on to management, it takes a few more years and if not a few more millons, who s gonna back you up?

This is both solvable and controversial, time consuming question. Just like startups, your corporate should endourse a free-thinking/creattive environment and certain motivations to develop those thoughts.

No you are wrong! I won’t suggest you allocate more resources, on the contrary, I think employee won’t be motivated for a startup until they are desperate for resources. The solution of the enterprise to this, “employees will just be well-paid and willing to work extras and weekends” doesn’t work, not by a long shot. In every enterprise entrepreneurship I gave concultance I saw it fail.

There are two things to be done;

1- Why isn’t there are no member with start-up backround in your management boards while the most exiting topics of all the interview’s and conferences? You sould really consider pro’s and con’s of this matter and you should embrace this notion that this is the only way to stay competative in your route in devoloping/challenging world. There are lot’s of examples of this.



2- You should choose from two kinds of employees we talked about and back them up. So there shouldn’t be a voice telling “the employee should both do their work and play the intrepreneur in their spare time as a hobby”. Corporation should establish a fund to back these employees dor a while and if the see certain KPI(?) they should take the start-up out by buying and selling the stocks and if necessery make outside hatcheries(?), maybe inside ones too, viable to them. while inside, the “neither Sis nor the kebab should burn” approach isn’t viable, one should burn in order to succeed in enterprise entrepreneurship.

Otherwise you can’t even understand what a startup is let alone produce one inside with traditional enterprise management methods. Because of this first matter above is vital to success.

Lastly, let’s finish by stating some international examples to enterprise entrepreneurship. How you percieve the future of companies like Oracle, IBM, etc? Maybe they are in an undistrupted environment right now but sooner or later someone will dissappoint them too. Doesn’t even facebook and Google, companied fused with enterprise entrepreneurship culture, participating startup buying race while they maintain the quantity of their inside startup at a certain degree, because they’re facing the same challences like every growing corporation does.

I advice this model of work to enterprises, to keep an eye out in the markets for these enterprises that dissappoints sometimes you in your own sector or other times someone else in theirs. They should be ready to take internal or external measures such as buying them out in order to eleminate the competition.

or else decade long maintainance deals with goverments won’t do you any good.


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