Mobile Application Development Manifest v1

Mobile Application Development Manifest v1

0) IDEA is always above everything else.

1) UI usually surpasses UX. (Criterions and contrary situations will be explained in down below.)

2) UX is above Development (coding).  (Criterions and contrary situations will be explained in down below.)

3) No matter how good your IDEA is, upcoming life-cycle of application depends on killer feature. (Reasons will be explained in down below.)

4) Never keep your web services at client and always work with an elegant DevOps.

5) In a never-ending developing world due to the nature of mobility concept, those who are interested in mobility should devote some of their work time to research and development.

6) Work with people who not only knows the language of the application he is going to write, but also knows the details of the operating system of the written application. It may be hard to find a developer in today’s circumstances but if you want to do best, you will need this.

7) Don’t waste your IDEA with questions involving business model of your work.

Conditions and Considerations

Just like every aspect of life, It is only natural for Creative thinking to be above anything else. Never forget that! because, systems developing with paradigms that focus on sales-managing are bound to be purchased or get defeated by a minor creative thinking. Situations like these have which have few examples nowadays will be stabilized by multiple instances in the future.

UI surpasses UX most of the time. Main reason behind this situation is the timing of UX’s interaction with human-machine interaction. Also design of the machine or hardware includes this UI concept. Users will meet UI first as the application opens. Before pressing to any buttons or interacting with any of it, users will first perceive the visual objects and position himself in front of the application. Colors, tones, buttons and curves you use are the first things that user will see and perceive on screen. At the very first moment, you can create this perception with UI. This perception that you created may get the feeling you want from the user or may fail to do so. That’s why you need a subsidiary device.

UX surpasses development because, you will need User Experience to manage/direct the sense that comes with the first opening (UI). After the first opening, you should administrate this perception on users either by force or within the natural flow of the application, which is should be in the first place. To accomplish this, you shouldn’t need development (coding) skills!

At the times that you can not administrate this perception, you will need development (coding) skills which is the field that requires the assistance of Development most. During the production process of a mobile application, dancing to UI and UX’s tune depends on the best possible development of killer feature in which the main role of development will shine.

The life-cycle of your application is directly correlated with the life-cycle of your IDEA. All of the social, political and economical IDEA’s you experience in the world are in accordance with the laws of nature -the cycle of birth, life and death- which is also valid in the mobile case. Your IDEA initiates your application, progresses it but unless you apply some killer features within it, you will experience the ‘death’ part of the cycle in your application. You ought to have at least one killer feature in your application besides your IDEA -which may or may not give rise to this killer feature. However, before the ‘death’ of your IDEA, you would have an exit. You should keep the exit from your application ready for the moment when your IDEA reaches it maximum efficiency by the cross-development of your investments on it. Afterwards, you will decide how to exit from your application -whether by using another application or by creating exit paths- based on the current trends.


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  1. Alex London

    This is an incredibly detailed manifest – almost ethereal in it’s construct. If only all mobile developers would follow this, we would have an infinitely better user experience in the mobile world.


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